February 14, 2017 Meeting Minutes

The meeting was called to order at 7:10PM by President Susan Smith.
     Treasurer Drew reported there was not much activity since last month.  He put together a projected budget for next year.  It shows that we have more money going out than coming in.  It would be helpful if everyone would pay their dues and encourage their neighbors to come and join us for only $10.00/yr.  At the board meeting on 1/31, we talked about the possibility of finding a sponsor to pay the rent for this room.  It is $25.00/mo. and is our biggest expense.
     Sven Shumacher with Lutheran Child and Family Services talked about all the changes occurring on their campus.  They currently have about 60 young people living there.  They have abused and neglected and include 12 girls who were trafficked.  They are being treated in conjunction with Community Hospital.  Most of them will return home.  They have a group home on Lesley Ave. where about 10 boys live.  They are 15-17 years old and have no one to go home to.  They are being taught life skills such as housekeeping and how to apply for a job.
     LCFS will have a playground in the middle of the complex and 16 additional parking spaces at 16th St. and Ritter Ave.  It will cost about $30 million for all of the upgrades, including upgrading the heating and air conditioning systems.  The Federal Loan Program gave them about $6 million and the money they received from the Federal Home Loan and the Pulliam Trust Fund must be spent by June or July.  They will hold an open house when everything is done.  Volunteer opportunities exist.  They will have to do a background check on anyone who wishes to volunteer.  Although faith plays an important roll, they are not out to convert anyone.
     President Susan announced that Ashlee Weaver has been assigned to help us as our Neighborhood Development Specialist and that Karen Lightbourne is now our Community Hospital Neighborhood Engagement Person.
     Gwen Jones, with the Marion County Sherriff’s Department said that last month they answered 80,075 emergency calls from all of Marion County.  The average response time for 911 calls was 3 min. and for non-emergency calls was 8 min.  You can tour the 911 center.  It is at Washington St. and State St.
     The next IMPD East District meeting will be 3/8 at 6:00PM at 201 N. Shadeland, Door 1.
     The city is hoping to put a cross walk at 21st St. and Shadeland.
     The Warren Pride Clean-up is scheduled for April and we will join with them and go as a team.  They have target spots, eg., they cleaned up a section to Pogue’s Run one year.  Another thing they do is one group will get a dumpster and tell all their neighbors that it’s there for them to use for the week.
     The Community Garden is closed. We gave all our equipment and the shed to Indy Urban Acres.  They grow food for food banks.  The timber used for the raised bed garden plots is available on a first come first serve basis.  You will have to get them out of the ground yourself.  One possibility for the area where the garden was is to use it for a soccer field.  The person that President Susan talked to said he’s of with the idea, if the IPS Athletic Director ok’s it.
     The current officers of CHNO are staying for another year.  There are board positions available.  Officers and board members serve from August to July.
     Neighbor Power is a meeting where representatives from all neighborhoods get together and share ideas.  The next meeting will be on Sat., March 4, 2017 at Marion University.
     On that same day, Lutherwood is offering a 1 day conference on trafficking here in Indy and safe places where those trafficked can go for help.  A lot of trafficking happens at truck stops.
     Marion County Prosecutor Curry will be our guest speaker at our March meeting.  He said he is only available from 7-7:30PM, so please be on time.
     President Susan and Beth are trying to get Crime Watch on their street.  They are concerned about the extra foot traffic from the short term Mental Health Facility moving to Community Hospital.  Steve Tally now does the Crime Watch Program.
     Tamar Harper, with IMPD, told us that the next Task Force meeting will be 3/8 at 6:30PM.  Coffee with a Cop will be 2/24 at the Starbucks on E. Washington St. across from the  Irvington Library from 2-4PM.
     The meeting was adjourned at 7:55PM.

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